• Established and licensed in the State of Michigan Since 2009

• 93% Job Placement across all curriculums

• 95% Employee Retention Rate across all curriculums

• Successfully placed over 2,200 participants into substantial and gainfulemployment.

• Emerging Industries Training Institute serves returning citizens, PATHparticipants, dislocated workers, low-income adults and persons withdisabilities.


• Currently over 80,000 vacant skill based jobs in Customer Service,Construction and Health Services in Michigan.

• Michigan’s Unemployment Rate is 8.3% for African Americans and 5.4%for Hispanic Americans. Only 13.1% of Detroit residents, age 21 and olderhave a Bachelor’s Degree or Post-Secondary education.

• Employers have expressed a need for increased focus on job readiness/employability skill development.

• The Detroit area continues to show need for training programming thatoffers a well-articulated sequence of courses and OJT experiences withemployer demand and lead to industry-valued stackable credentials.