Gabe Jenkins
Gabe JenkinsAdvanced Call Center

With over 13 years of call center management experience, Gabe Jenkins has led several North and South American call centers to great success in a wide range of B2B and B2C commercial platforms. Gabe’s diverse portfolio includes managing specialty call centers which handle technical support, sales, collections, and customer service interactions with the highest level of business acumen. Training and Development is Gabe’s passion. He has led numerous companies to reach their internal talent development goals by creating Corporate Universities to guide career development. Transferring his real-world professional experience into the classroom, Gabe has taken the complexities of call center logic and infused it into a robust training certification program. As a result, EITI has become a prime source of highly-trained and qualified call center professionals. Gabe is a highly-respected industry insider who is poised to take Detroit’s professional communication skills to the next level.