Do I have to pay out of pocket to attend EITI’s training cohorts? 

It depends. However, we suggest that you set an appointment with your local Michigan Works! Agency to inquire about available training funding. 

If my training funding is paid for by Michigan Works, am I responsible for additional supplies? 

EITI provides all trainees with all training materials and PPE/safety gear.  You are able to keep all that you will be given throughout the training. 

Am I guaranteed a job once I complete training? 

Although we would like to, we cannot guarantee a job. We guarantee that each individual who successfully completes training will receive an interview with a company who has expressed a desire to hire cohort graduates. We cannot guarantee that you will get past the interview; but we will give you the interviewing skills and confidence you need during our mandatory job readiness training. 

If I want to receive more information regarding training and workforce development resources, who should I contact? 

Please visit our website at All information regarding training and workforce development resources can be found on website. Please feel free to contact our offices; our competent and knowledgeable staff is there to help. 

What separates Emerging Industries Training Institute from all of the other local training providers? 

As one of Detroit’s exclusive training providers, EITI has over a decade of employer-led training success and job placement. While boasting a 95% training completion and placement rate, EITI has managed to become a Detroit at Work preferred training provider. 

Will I earn any industry recognized certifications while in training with EITI? Yes. Each of our trainings have associated certifications; some which are industry recognized and others which show completion of different training phases. All certifications will assist graduates as they pursue employment opportunities. 

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