Detroit — Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield says she is seeking to shrink socio-economic disparities in the city and ensure residents have access to clean water and shelter in what she officially unveiled Monday as the “People’s Bills.”

Sheffield, a Democrat from District 5, plans to soon formally introduce the proposals, which address community benefits from developments, water rates, affordable housing and more. She hopes the council will address the measures before its recess in November.

“In the midst of the revitalization that is taking place in our great city, there are some significant challenges that the average every day Detroiter still is experiencing in our city,” Sheffield said at a press conference Monday. “Whether it is access to jobs or contracts or water or affordable housing, we lift those voices and those issues not with just rhetoric but with solutions through sound policy.

“In order for our mission to be sustainable, we as a city must protect and invest in our most precious resource, which is the residents of the city of Detroit.”

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